• Promoting


Treasure, Talent and Time

– Influencing and encouraging others to give to address disadvantage

Belfast Charitable Society continues to preserve and promote its historic reputation as a philanthropic organisation. By working with other funders and voluntary organisations, we aim to increased awareness of the society, and Clifton House, through all sectors as a key player in addressing disadvantage today.

The Society facilitates and works with others to challenge and influence policy and decision making and to encourage and promote philanthropy in Northern Ireland. This includes supporting the work of the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) and the NI Trust Group to allow them space to discuss and promote philanthropy.

By bringing together key stakeholders to inform fundraisers and those working in funding about current issues, we hope to maximise the impact of any philanthropic work in Belfast and beyond. Our support also includes the facilitation of training and best practice sharing sessions.

Also, by promoting the philanthropic work of the society, we hope to encourage others to give their treasure, talent or time in order to address disadvantage too.