New School funding will be a ‘lifeline’ for families

The number of people living in poverty across Northern Ireland is rising dramatically as the costs of basic essentials like food and fuel skyrocket. Many are struggling to feed and clothe their families and are at a financial breaking point.

David Watters, Chair of the Belfast Charitable Society commented “There is no doubt that the cost-of-living crisis will mean more and more children will be growing up in poverty in Northern Ireland. The evidence of this is already being seen in schools, as increasingly children are arriving hungry and with inadequate shoes or winter coats for the cold, wet months ahead.”

He continued “Belfast Charitable Society has been addressing poverty for over 270 years and knows all too well the detrimental and long-term impacts poverty has on children. Young people need help, and they need it now, therefore we are increasing our efforts to do what we can and would encourage others to do the same. This is about taking responsibility and direct action at a time of real need”

Today, Belfast Charitable Society released over £100,000 to post primary schools in the most deprived areas of Northern Ireland to help with the additional costs faced in feeding their pupils.